Illinois 1 Hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Real Estate Professionals

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Real estate brokers, leasing agents, appraisers, and anyone else who holds a license issued by the Illinois Division of Real Estate to practice in the state must complete a 1 hour state mandated training on sexual harassment prevention strategies and awareness. Of the 8 hours of continuing education core residential leasing agents need, or the 8 hours of electives brokers need, one of those hours is required to be on sexual harassment prevention from an approved provider. This course will cover the law that establishes this state requirement.

We'll start by defining sexual harassment and discrimination, then examine the Civil Rights Act and Illinois Human Rights Act. Office policies and posters employers must have in place are explained. Types of sexual harassment are exemplified, as well as actions to avoid or watch for. There will be some practical advice for those overwhelmed by the topic, and scenarios to help pinpoint what behavior constitutes sexual harassment.

Next is an in-depth look at reporting and handling incidents of sexual harassment. Whistleblower protection and employer liability are discussed in this section. Options available to witnesses and victims are outlined, as are internal investigation protocols employers can adopt.

Videos and images are utilized throughout the course to enhance comprehension for visual and auditory learning styles. After each lesson, students will be asked a single question about the material. One final exam is given to test the student's knowledge. 

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