Connecticut 2 Hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

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Connecticut Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for employees and supervisors is mandated in all Connecticut businesses with 3 or more employees, and for supervisors in businesses with fewer by October 2020. 

In this lesson, we'll learn:

  • The impact of Connecticut's new Time's Up Act and mandatory training for businesses with 3 or more employees.
  • What sexual harassment is, how to spot it, how to deal with it, and and how to prevent it; 
  • The different types of sexual harassment and the many forms that it can take; 
  • What to do if you experience or witness sexual harassment; and
  • The importance of having a sexual harassment prevention policy, how to develop it, what it should cover, and how it needs to be applied. 

Plus, we'll take a look at the critical elements that go into creating a solid sexual harassment prevention policy, and the importance of every employee being aware with the policy and how to take advantage of it when needed. This includes recommending that a legal professional prepare or review your policy.

So join us now for your mandatory sexual harassment prevention training!

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